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New Submission: ctf_deli_a1

Discussion in 'Maps' started by Jamini, Dec 19, 2008.

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    A small CTF map designed for small groups and fast gameplay. This is my first release and has not yet been tested in any server or MP setting.


    In a small out-of-the-way-town named Deli a large vein of coal has been discovered by a local mining firm. Both Reliable Excavation and Demolition and the Builders League United have constructed forward offices in the form of department stores in order to gain control of these facilities. Until now both sides have been quietly gathering intelligence concerning the surrounding area.

    Both companies have recently discovered the other's intent in the area, and are now scrambling to steal enough of their rivals' intelligence in order to set them back far enough so that the other company is unable to compete for control of smalltown Deli.

    Edit: There are many major issues with this map, primarily the lack of a skybox and the improper usage of model textures. After gameday tomorrow I will be releasing an A2 version. Pics and a WIP thread will be coming shortly as well.
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    Sound really good. Remember, post pictures in the WIP thread!

    No pics, no clicks :D
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