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    Here is a link to biocity b2 on FPSB:

    Two science teams (RED and BLU) where working on hazardous materials in a secret city made by the government in the middle of the desert. Red team created a virus that was very deadly and the city had to be shut down and all the experiments declared failures. The only problem is, the scientists evacuated and left the civilians (your team) in the town! They also forgot to turn off the subway train. It is up to either Red or Blu to capture each other's intelligence to reveal a password to stop the subway car and get out of the city before it's too late!

    Video Run Through:

    To install:
    Place in your tf2/tf/maps folder.

    Current Version:
    Beta 3 (Fixed missing road texture, hopefully a more significant update soon).

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    Looks very big :eek: