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    "The Government has issued a contract for the creation of the new line of combat planes
    that are to be the standard for the near future. Two rivalling companies, Red Aerospace
    and Blue Aviation, are now battling for the contract.
    After many months of lawsuits, legal actions and speculation, the The Government has
    decided to let both companies create a prototype, and has given advanced funding to both.
    At the end of the deadline, both prototypes will be analyzed and the best one fully produced,
    giving it's parent company will recieve the funding of a gazillion dollars for it.
    Unfortunately, the production must be carried out in a secret location, and both companies
    have been given one half of the terrain to estabilish their facilities. After many months
    of hard work, espionage and peeking over the walls, they each have their own prototype ready
    ahead of time. They could use this extra time to make their plane better, but stealing the
    opponent's blueprints and sabotaging their planes seems like a better option.

    And so their facilities have became a warzone."



    Title: ctf_aerospace

    Version: Alpha 6.0

    Filename: ctf_aerospace_a6.bsp.bz2

    Created By: Arthur Bobany - Arhurt

    Author Email:

    Type: ctf - 2Fort style

    Web: (beware, it's all in portuguese)

    Compile Date: 11-07-2008


    Thanks for downloading the alpha 6 of my map!

    It still needs a lot of work, if you would like to send me any suggstions, compliments or criticizm, go over to the forum links at the end of the readme.


    Things I'm looking to improve:

    - Does it play well?

    - Are the pick-ups well placed?

    - Are the intel rooms too hard/easy to defend?

    - Does the map flow in a good pace or does it stall into turtling?

    - Any class dominating or is it evenly balanced for each style of play?

    - Are there any ways to sneak into an area you don't belong?

    - Are there any ways to get "outside" the map?

    - Are there any places the displacements are not properly sewn?


    This map is being discussed at these forums: -

    Made in Brasil (portuguese) -
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