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    Starship Beta 3

    This is a non-linear control point map set on a ship in space. Each team starts on opposite ends of the map, the first team to capture the enemy's dock point wins.

    In order to capture the dock point a team only needs two out of the three middle points. After capture, the middle points will auto-lock for 45 seconds before opening back up again. This prevents points from getting continuously scout rushed immediately after capture.

    The bonus point (Sewers) grants a team forward respawns if the own both it and the Engine or Bridge. Additionally it is the only point that grants a team a respawn time bonus.

    This map is very large and due to its non-linear nature it is highly recommended that it be played on servers of 24 - 32 people.

    Change-Log from Beta 2:

    - Revamp of Home point docking layout
    - Complete overhaul of bridge point
    - Complete overhaul of engine room point
    - Overhaul of Spawn Points
    - Ceiling revamps across the board
    - Additional polish - Home Points
    - Additional Polish - Bridge & Engine
    - Additional Polish - Sewers
    - More/Better Ambient noise
    - Further Improvements on lighting
    - Custom Signs & Icons
    - Custom Starfield Skybox

    Game Dynamics Changes:
    - Temp lock on points (After capping, the point will not be available for another 45 seconds)
    - All Capture timers (minus !) increased 50%

    Known Issues:
    - Some windows you can see level geometry through in addition to the skybox, I have done my best to minimize the issue, but was unable to correct it completely.

    Special Thanks to Deathkiller, DrunkenGun, and FlyingMongoose for mapping advice

    Testing by BrBUninstalling:


    Screen Shots:
    Red Dock
    Engine Room 1
    Engine Room 2
    Cargo Hold
    Bridge 2
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    How does that room with all the props do for fps?

    EDIT: The cargo hold.
  3. drp

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    that is a lot of props for the one area :eek:hmy:
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    I've played this map multiple times on live servers, and it runs quite smoothly. The multiple props haven't caused any problems from what I've seen.
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    Ive spent a lot of time using area portals and hints to cordon the cargo hold off, it looks like it would be a bit nasty, but its not as bad as you would imagine...unless you have a really really old card ;)

    I tend to get 60 - 70 all over the map and 50 - 60 in the cargo-hold.
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    Howdy caffiene. I talked with you earlier today about the Map Time limit defaulting to 6 minutes. I disabled win limit incfg file and still has a 6 minute time limit. is disabling win limit just by setting it to 0 (zero) or do I have to take it out all together? I am puzzled here. I also set number games to 0 to.
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    mp_winlimit 0
    mp_timelimit 30

    Thats what it should be set to

    Edit: Oh do you mean the round timer? That is maxed at 6 minutes, capturing points will add additional time if it is below 6
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