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    cp_ramrod Release Candidate 4
    by Eric "ChickenLover" Johnson
    Contact: tcl at

    Custom Content:

    Retextured models by: VelvetFistIronGlove
    All other custom artwork by: ChickenLover

    Attack/Defend. 3 stages. 2 capture points per stage.

    ramrod is an attack/defend map similar to dustbowl.

    Blue team wins by capturing both Control Points on each of three stages before the time runs out. Red team wins by preventing all the points from being captured.

    Other Notes:
    Control Points cannot be captured while they are locked.

    Place in your **/Steam/steamapps/< your account >/team fortress 2/tf/maps/ directory.

    Recommended Server Config:

    mp_maxrounds "2"
    mp_winlimit 0
    mp_timelimit "60"

    Thank you to everyone at ArsClan for the servers and for testing. Especially to turb0z and Auram. You guys rock. Thank you to all of the Virus guys for on the spot bug testing. Couldn't have done it without you.