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    Title: cp_overflow
    Version: Final
    Previously: cp_overflow_b4, cp_overflow_b3, cp_floodway_b2
    Filename: cp_overflow.bsp
    Created By: ATF_RealSeal (aka S.E.A.L. #555 aka Predulus aka A.o.F.)
    Author Email:
    Type: CP
    Compile Date: 8/8/2008





    - Moved last point from basement of base to top of peak outside base

    - Raised entire base building and added additional ramps in the area

    - Added tunnel between center CP and 2nd CP

    - Cut down entryways from river to central CP, and expanded river area

    - Expanded balcony area of second CP, added additional window and door

    - Made elevator from long-stairway health-hole go to 2nd floor

    - Added corridor from this elevator to 2nd CP, to allow extra sentry-atttack

    - Removed glass from above center CP

    - Expanded skylight in center CP to let in more daylight

    - Removed teleporters from center CP, replaced with elevators

    - Added a great deal of detailing

    - Redid lighting and clipping



    The setting for the map is a river floodway system, inspired by the one in Saitama, Japan. Red and Blue have cunningly built their bases within close proximity of the floodway complex, and are vying for control of the facility.

    The map features some fun outdoor areas, with cliffs and structures to climb and explore, as well as some industrial indoor areas. The map is very well balanced, and affords opportunities to all classes.

    ATF_RealSeal (Predulus on FPSB, S.E.A.L. #555 on