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    Frontier - cp_frontier

    Attack/Defend 2 CPs


    Title: cp_frontier
    Version: Alpha 2.0a
    Filename: cp_frontier_a2a.bsp
    Created By: daemon aka Lacho
    Contact: daemon at
    Type: Attack/Defend. 2 Points(so far), BLU must carry the intelligence and bring it to the capture point, when the first point is captured, time is added to the clock, the second point is unlocked, and a new intelligence briefcase spawns to capture it. When BLU captures both points, the teams are swapped and the round begins again. Setup timer = 60 secs, BLU respawn time <= 5 secs, RED respawn time <= 10 secs, flag return timer = 25 secs, time added for first cap = 7 mins.
    Compile Date: 7/10/2008
    Development Cycle: Alpha 1 -> Alpha 2



    - Changed game mode to Attack/Defend
    - Tweaks to respawn times(lowered for faster paced action)
    - Minor layout modifications
    - Added more ammo and health packs
    - Added playerclips
    - Added Lights
    - Added cover for CPs
    - Placed textures(temporal)
    - Included custom announcer sounds
    - Basic signaling



    Program: Hammer
    Known Bugs: Player who caps intel gets 30 kills added to his current game stats(but points are not awarded, and therefore don't alter account stats).
    HDR: Yes
    Compile PC: Intel E2160, 2GB RAM



    Scott Petty aka Buddikaman ( for the toilet model
    oxy for the ambulance model
    J Theory aka Brainsample for the police car model
    aerial for the sliding door prefab
    Shmitz for the tf2maps posters
    R3dRuM for the stone wall texture
    VilePickle for this readme template =) for the help and tutorials