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Discussion in 'Maps' started by Draconius, Nov 18, 2008.

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    This is a standard symmetrical control point map. Capture all five points to win. For each capture points there are at least 2 routes to access it, both above ground and under water, and of course the fences are jumpable by those classes with such capabilities.

    This map is still in beta testing. It is not complete. I am aware it looks like crap in some places. I'm aware there are no displacements, and it looks all blocky. I don't want to hear complaints about that.

    However, if you find any bugs or exploits in the map, or simply an unfair or unbalanced strategy or tactic, please let me know. Once I've gotten enough feedback on the layout and practical workings of the map, I'll work on making it look nicer.

    Known Issues:
    Some overlays are clipped.
    Dispensers work through the fences.
    Part of the roof on the spawn rooms is misaligned a little.