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Discussion in 'Maps' started by Meatsheild, Sep 15, 2008.

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    Gameplay: Every control point is captureable at anytime except for two control points that are out of reach of the map. This is so the round never ends. The control points are also captured very quickly (about 15 seconds) and the points are ment to change hands often. Even though it is a control point map I guess it really acts more like a deathmatch one.

    Layout: The map is very open and small. As soon as you step out of spawn you can see basically the entire map. There are two towers with a tunnel connecting them and another tunnel in the room to the left of spawn. The towers can be scaled either from the inside or the out.

    This is a quick and simple map I made recently. I focused on making it balanced with just a fun layout. Never been tested or even played before though so I can only speculate as to it's quality.

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    What incentive is there to cap the points?
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    its an orange map! no wait its got textures :D at least you are one step ahead of them.
    try adding more detail, a few mroe ridges, a displacement here and there, ... and align your textures, that would make a load of difference./ keep at it!