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Discussion in 'Maps' started by Sgt Frag, Mar 1, 2009.

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    Alright, this is getting really close.

    I went through and did TONS of optimizing, setting fade limits on all objects.
    Added some areaportalwindows for a detail area.

    Added alot of details, decals, etc...

    Solidified the spawn rooms.

    Fixed the water, you will get sucked under if you get too deep/too far out from center but you can get out if you are careful.

    Added some detail to skybox, fogged skybox.

    Added Darkersideofyourshadow's flatbed truck.

    known issues:

    needs sounds
    need to finish skybox
    touch-up lighting, props
    need custom decals, no fishing/swimming..
    water surface is ugly
    custom tex for waterfall/river
    get particles to be white
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    Some comments


    The gates look a bit too open - like it is possible to exit the map there - maybe fixable with some props/skybox? The 'sticks' with the stop sign should have the stop sign on the outside on both sides, i.e. mirror one of them.

    The truck bitmap seems to be missing.

    A really cool (only for effect) feature would be to fill up with water when the point is cappable.

    This map is really nice and fun to play!
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    Yeah the gates are still wip with the skybox. Not sure I like the tall train gates yet, They don't seem to fit with the shared roadway, I may go back to chainlink fence/gates.

    I searched all over for that truck tex file. DOH, guess when I checked it was still lingering somewhere so I missed it. Guess I gotta go back to the zip file and see where it extracted to.

    I don't think rising water can be done in TF2 although that could be cool. Might be possible to jerry rig something but I don't think it would be swimmable.

    That stopsign is a prop, and like alot of valve props one sided. I didn't think anyone would pay much mind :D
    I can rig a no draw brush with an overlay to add a stop sign though.