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New Skeletons Prefab V4

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Sep 3, 2018
New Skeletons Prefab (advanced) - Skeletons with bomb heads? Hats? Glowing eyes? You got it!

What is this prefab?

This comes with three files which tell you all about how to make a more complex (and better working) Skeleton in TF2.

(!) Please check out the readme that comes with the pack for more info.

This prefab demonstrates:
  • How to put hats, glowing eyes, even a bomb head (that explodes) and shield on a skeleton.
  • How to change the HP value of a skeleton (as well as display damage numbers).
  • How to make a zombie apply Bleed or Mark for Death on enemies that get close.
  • How to make a skeleton not spawn Baby Skeletons.
  • How to make players speak voicelines when the player encounters a skeleton underneath them.

The kinds of Skeletons in this prefab are:
  1. Purple -- Armor Skeleton: Has 250 HP.
  2. Yellow -- Mark Skeleton: Has 50 HP, marks for death
  3. Black -- Bomb Skeleton: Has 50 HP, detonates on contact or if you shoot the bomb head.
  4. Pink -- Bleed Skeleton: Has 50 HP and applies Bleed
  5. Green -- Norm Skeleton: Has 50 HP. No powers.
  6. Orange -- Dancing Skeleton: Has 50 HP. Does the Kazotsky Kick.

Useful commands:
-- Executes the navigation algorithm for your new spooky skeletons to walk around and attack the living.
nb_stop 1
-- Freezes all skeletons
ent_fire zombie_debug trigger
-- Spawns all skeletons at once. (requires sv_cheats 1)
ent_fire zombie_debug_alpha trigger
-- Shows the hitboxes of all visible skeletons. (requires sv_cheats 1)
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Sep 3, 2018
  • Added Documentation better describing how the prefab works.
  • Added RED and BLU skeletons in prefab_skeleton_essentials.
  • Fixed bug where players would just die from being crushed into a wall when a skeleton spawns under them while they are near a wall.
  • Changed color of blue Kazotsky Kick skeleton to orange.
  • Removed trigger_stun because it was dumb.
  • Renamed zombie to skeleton because let's be honest, they were not zombies. They are skeletons. Ahwoo!

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Stack Man

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Aug 26, 2016
Tried this out and had two issues:

1. Blu team skeletons were really tiny, but Red ones were normal sized.

2. Damaging your own team's skeletons builds meters (Phlog, Banners) despite not actually damaging their health.