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    Hey Everyone!

    With the buzz around the new website starting to die off a little bit, I thought I would finally announce that Glassworks, Sunshine, Snowplow, Borneo and Rust have moved into the Showcase!

    Each of these maps show off the great quality that can put out. They're fun, they've been recognized by Valve or other communities as quality work and beyond all that they're just darn good.

    Don't fret, we'll be having more maps coming into the Showcase! (In less than a year).

    Congratulations to the authors!

    Borneo - Heyo
    Glassworks - Crash
    Rust - Fr0z3nR, Freyja
    Snowplow - YM, Fr0z3nR, McVee, Rebbacus, Nuclear Dan, Sexy Robot, 0edit, Dekker
    Sunshine - Phi
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