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Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by brick, Jul 19, 2009.

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    My friend just started his very own server company. He is selling tf2 servers for $.80 dollars a slot public. He just started and is working on bugs and such. The server he runs is crazy. We ran 3 32 man 100 tick 1000 fps servers on the same box with bots and the server didnt even sweat. Right now he is working on the website. He has a very nice and easy control panel so far.

    That is the website, but nothing is setup. It will be later. If you are interested for a server to any game post here or email him at The rates will be different for different games. There is no automatic server setup YET, but he is working on that as well.

    Demo server:

    Team Fortress 2 Dedicated Public - $0.80/slot - 100 Tick - 1000 FPS
    Team Fortress 2 Dedicated Private - $0.40/slot - 100 Tick - 1000 FPS
    Left 4 Dead Public - $7.50/mo
    Left 4 Dead Private - $5.50/mo

    Other games prices not set yet. If you have a game you want him to host just ask.
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    Not a bad price ether, I will check it out.
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    I think I played L4D with that guy on one of his servers the other night...

    I got 10 less ping than I usually get.