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    Hello, I have a small idea wich could be cool with the MVM mode, the only engineer mode :p , let me explain.

    Did you ever played on Farcry 1 multiplayer ? There was three class to play, the engineer, the heavy, and the sniper, literraly. And about this engineer, he had the opportunity to build some prefabricated, like walls, bunkers, doors, towers, so why not try to create a gamemode like this, where you can only be in engineer and keep a 'fortress' safe by buildings walls, sentries, and whatever wich could be funny.

    So the basic idea is, you have a setup time to build all the walls and sentries, wich are already placed in the map, before they are builded they could look like a desk with a blueprint on it, and more you play, more you have differents blueprints, like differents sentries, differents walls.

    You can destroy everything you want and rebuild another one thing, but it cost money.

    And when the round start, it's the basic MVM, but only with the soldiers, they will try to destroy the walls and the sentries, and it's here where you have to show you, keep all your stuff safe, to prevent the soldiers to put the bomb in the pit.

    Further you go, and more you will have levels for your sentries walls/everything, and more the wave will be longs and hard.

    It's a rough idea, but it could be fun, any thoughts/ideas on this ?
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    It's quite interesting, I have to say. Hardcore defense.
    Can I post my idea here too? Screw that, I'm going to post it anyway.
    This is quite like the scavenge gamemode from L4D2. Partially. There is the bomb hatch, were the robots will go. This is kept. The whole basic concept from MvM is kept. However, a few meters from the hatch, there is a giant rocket that you need to fuel. The fuel is located in the robots tank, but you can only have one person to get the fuel and take it back. One gas canister is active per round, three minutes each. If you fail to get all the fuel, a random canister will be placed somewhere near the bomb bot. This will have one minute and thirty seconds to deliver it. In case you fail, the time will be divided by two, giving 45 seconds. If you fail with the third canister, the mission restarts.
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    What about a moving point for MVM? Like a train that gets closer and closer to the bot spawnpoint :) Making it tougher to defend.
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    That would complicate wave retries, but sure I think it is doable.

    The issue would be the tanks, they just follow a path_track chain. You could create a chain for each stop I suppose.
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    I'm picturing the bomb target as a vehicle or something that your team has a motivation for relocating closer to the spawn point over the course of the operation. The most obvious being some kind of doomsday device you need to get in position to destroy whatever they're spawning out of.
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    There is a mod for TF2 like this just minus MVM called FortWars.
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    Could be fun Ravage, currently I don't think there's a way to spend money on anything other than upgrades though. I could be wrong.
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    building your own little fort would be cool though idk how possible