New Map: RJ Rocketeer Advanced

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    It's been a while in the making but it's finally done. It's almost double the file size of the original so I have done a little bit of work! Valve's Low-FPS bug really slowed me down so I had to nerf in some areas. For experience players, the map has 10 core jumps, 3 extra jumps. Both teams can be played but they play in same fort, so if people start disrupting the game you might wanna restrict one class. Thanks go out to Wonderwall and {TF2F}Unnownd.

    I'll have it running for a little while on my server, can be accessed at: on the default port. No time limit as some of the jumps will need quite a bit of practice for some people.


    For more images, just head to

    RJ Rocketeer Adv - Download

    Also here is a link to the first one, with the 'Red' team playable as well now.
    RJ Rocketeer R - Download

    Thanks all and have fun.