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Discussion in 'Maps' started by Kev_Boy, Dec 25, 2007.

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    Set in New York City in 1969 to reflect a dying breed of toystore in an ever more technological world. It's a toystore owned by a proprietor and his wife who live on the floor above.

    Not only the theme or graphics are fresh, so is the design. It opts for a 5 point setup not to dissimilar to Well but there's a twist. It's not on a flat plane but vertical! BLU spawns on the top of the building RED spawns at the bottom and the middle being battlements that have three capture-points, the team who gets all three unlocks access to the enemy's CP point to try and win the round!

    As you can read from the comments on there there is a slight anomaly that I can't reproduce. It seems to crash when a Sudden Death round is won, I think it's because of a server mod called BeetlesMod. But I'm not sure right now :glare:

    Have Fun!
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    I know unlucky with the crash, looks great though.
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    The map is fun, but it crashes our server as well. No beetlesmod, not in suddendeath, and it crashed on the 2nd win by blu. Here's the last few lines before the crash.