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    Version Beta 1 of ctf_truss.

    Discussion thread here:


    Map Name: CTF_TRUSS
    Map Author: Patrick Sarmiento ("Hacky")
    Version: 0.6 (Open Beta 1)
    Map Filename: ctf_truss_b1.bsp
    Build Date: January 25, 2008


    - First open beta build.
    - Round timer changed to 20 minutes.
    - Fixed map time superseding round timer.
    - Added a route for non-super-jumping classes to climb onto the cargo
    containers in the center.
    - Modified both bases' courtyards to be slightly more open.
    - Various texture adjustments and improvements throughout the map.
    - Small player clip added to the top of the rockets to prevent players from
    getting caught.
    - Catwalk skybox supports remade to draw players' attention to its existence.
    - Engineers can no longer build in the intel room resupply rooms.


    Extract the ctf_truss_b1.bsp into your TF2 maps folder.

    The default TF2 maps folder is:
    Program Files\Steam\steamapps\(your steam account name)\team fortress 2\tf\maps


    All comments, suggestions, and bug reports can be sent to:
    hackychan - Steam Forums
    hacky -

    Or find me, Hacky, on a server near you!


    A huge thank you to Riuthamus from Medick's Slaughterhouse [San Jose, CA],
    [I AM]ThatGuy from [] - Proving Grounds, and all the other server
    admins that have helped playtest ctf_truss through its alpha stages!

    And also, thank you to all the players who have given me feedback and criticism
    for making ctf_truss an awesome map!