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Discussion in 'Maps' started by Vilepickle, Feb 11, 2008.

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    Impact - ctf_impact2



    Title: ctf_impact2
    Version: FINAL 2.0
    Filename: ctf_impact2.bsp
    Created By: David Lohmeyer - REV6|VilePickle
    Author Email:
    Type: CTF
    Compile Date: 2/11/2008
    Development Cycle: Beta 1 -> Beta 2 -> Beta 3 -> Beta 4 -> CEVO Contest -> Final 1.0 -> Final 2.0


    FINAL 2.0 "The match feedback version" CHANGES:
    -Another exit has been added to the side of both resupply rooms to prevent spawn camping.
    -The glass has been reworked so players cannot get unlucky and be stuck in it when it returns. It now has a door that closes initially and then the invisible section pushes players up above the glass location and then spawns the glass. Before, players would get stuck in the invisible section that pushed them up when IT spawned, but the new door that closes when it comes back will prevent this.
    -A 10 second warning now appears before the glass returns.
    -Various misaligned textures and brushes have been fixed.
    -The elevators in the ramproom now span the whole width of their location and you can't get stuck below them anymore.
    -Respawn doors no longer fade out far away with DirectX 7.
    -The sniper deck is slightly higher to prevent a bug where a player could get stuck in the ceiling.
    -Clipping issues around the base have been fixed.
    -Turned off forcible fade on props that players could hide behind on the roof.
    -Engineers can no longer build directly outside of a respawn door.
    -Respawn doors open slightly faster.
    -Some detail props along walls have been made nonsolid

    -Sky clip above the roof outside raised higher.
    -The top flag ramp has had the trim on the side removed that cause players hugging the wall to get stuck.
    -Skylight room front entrance opened up completely, removing the large chokepoint there.
    -Side entrances have been widened significantly, removing the small chokepoints there.
    -These entrance changes are meant to focus the chokepoint on the flagroom rather than entrances, which is what Impact has been about in the past.
    -Skylight requires slightly less damage to break.
    -Optimization added to the center and to the RR area.
    -Reduced the number of entities in the entire map.
    -A path has been added from the side route to the front of the bases so people aren't so locked in when choosing their route.
    -Outside lighting tweaked.
    -The dead end side path in the bases has been shortened to lessen the confusion.

    -Skylight glass is now breakable and rebuilds in 3 minutes. It takes about a full clip of demoman pipes to break and you can only break the enemy's glass. This should allow more free access to sentries embedded in the flagroom.
    -One outside side route has been completely removed from the map. This should focus combat into more defined areas.
    -The elevator entrance has been removed from the map.
    -A side entrance has been added at the front of each base to reduce congestion through the single front entrance.
    -Various texture, clipping, and detail changes.
    -Lighting has been redone in some areas so it isn't just all lanterns.

    Internal beta playtested - not publicly released

    -Tunnel system has been cut from the map. The only remaining section is to reach the enemy elevator.
    -Bases are closer together, reducing travel time.
    -Blue base has been thematically retextured to not confuse people, as well as some other areas.
    -The capture point has been moved to your flag instead of the sniper deck.
    -Many areas have had their lighting tweaked.
    -Ladders are more visible as ladders.
    -Other details added.



    Program: Hammer
    Known Bugs: None
    HDR: Yes
    Compile PC: Core 2 Duo 6400, 2GB RAM



    Original Design: [WM]Kordos, 1998
    Textures: Team Fortress 2
    Playtesters: REV6, BB, Foom, -X-



    Extract the zip file to
    ...Steam/steamapps/$$Your Steam ID$$/team fortress 2/tf/maps

    Create a server with ctf_impact2

    ©2008 David Lohmeyer.
    All Rights Reserved

    Team Fortress 2 is a registered trademark of Valve Software.
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