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    Here you go, kids:

    Now here's some text you can feel free to ignore:

    TF2 Space-Themed Map By Ian B.
    Based on the Unreal
    Tournament Map: Facing Worlds



    Build time: 3 days

    Includes custom textures


    Bugs: odd non-compiling VIS
    2nd floor teleporter has slight bug
    No Skybox fully assembled yet
    Meteor Terrain kind of awful
    No real use of terrain outside
    Earth and Star Textures not transparent?!


    Notes: I basically designed the
    earth, moon, and star textures to
    appear as stylized in the form of
    JC Lyndekker. These textures are Vmfs
    which were converted from 32 bit TGAs
    the TGAs have working transparency
    and the vmfs as sprays in game also
    have this transparency. For some odd
    reason the textures lost their transparency
    when imported into the game. This doesn't
    distract from the fun, however, as you can't
    even tell they lack transparency at all.

    On a weird note, some other textures
    which I made DID have working transparency.
    Those have been included as well.


    What has been done since v.16

    Rebuilt everything.
    Added "hiding zones" for spies
    and people wishing to take cover.

    Took away the "redeemer" button due
    to lack of use altogether by players.

    Teleporters now have gates around them
    which open when a player is near them
    just like the spawn zone.

    The spawn zone is now inside of the
    tower itself instead of behind it or
    beside it. This allows teams quicker
    access to their own intelligence.

    The spawn room has been given a unique
    makeover with its own textures.

    Computer rooms and a barn-like area has
    been added to give the empty towers some
    visual flare without distracting form

    Ambient sounds to go along with the
    flarehave been added.

    Camera systems have been put in place
    so players awaiting respawn can look
    around the map and examine their

    Meteors have been added around the map
    withvarious TF2 themed things attached
    to them.

    Spotlights have been added to brighten
    up the otherwise very dark meteor surface
    of the main map.

    The top sniper deck has been sized
    down to make it very dangerous to snipe
    from the best position.

    The top sniper deck has also lost any
    form of ammo replinishment. This is due
    to it's being technically right in front
    of the respawn room so players can just
    take a few steps back and instantly have
    all the health and ammo they need.

    Areas to hide inside the building for
    spies and pyros (as well as stickybombs)
    have been implimented.

    The towers are now symetrically placed
    where as before only the roads leading
    to the towers were actually 100% symetrical.

    the floors have been shortened in height.
    Though this detracts from the theme it
    givessoldiers a chance to take advantage
    of high spots without being too high up.

    Shacks have been added but there's likely
    no way to reach them without taking severe
    risks so I don't actually recomend it at
    all they're just there for the sake of theme.

    At this current point and time a placeholder
    skybox is implimented which is filled with
    lots and lots of stars. Also there's an
    earth and a moon.


    Things that still need to be implimented:
    (Feel free to do these yourself if you want)

    Though the map is totally playable now,
    visually it can be beefed up through
    the aid or a 3D skybox.

    This skybox should be based on a camera
    which has a parent function_rotating
    causing the entire skybox to slowly pivot
    around the playing feild.

    The meteors at this point are very sad
    looking and could easily do for a
    meteor makeover. This is due to the fact
    that they arent 360 degrees around but
    are in fact two 180 peices stuck
    together with a wedge prim set in the
    middle to make them appear whole without
    exposing the invisible parts.

    These meteors should probably be approached
    as placeholders for much better looking
    ones in the future. If you have any good
    ideas for rocks or round structures or
    if you have made any or know of a good source
    for them pre-made in hammer please PLEASE
    let me know or just go on and modify this
    map yourself.

    The 2nd floor teleport which sort of "bumps"
    the player once they arrive could use some
    fixing since none of the other teleporters
    seem to have an issue similar to this.
    It doesnt detract from gameplay or player
    movement it just seems like an odd bug.

    Finally: The overall means of lighting the map
    could use some improvement possibly through
    the implimentation of more spotlights
    or more ambient lighting. The inside of the
    towers seems to be quite well-off light-wise.

    The Textures which were supposed to have
    transparencies in them (and did as TGAs)
    will probably be redone with the proper
    transparency BUT they will not be newly
    labeled they'll just go over your old ones
    in the future (I hope).

    Terrain mapping? Well while I originally
    had implimented it in version 20
    it was too obstructive to some gameplay
    and didn't move as smoothly as I wanted.
    So I took it out for now until I can work
    out exactly how I want it to look and feel.
    Mappers: Feel free to go wild with this
    concept if you want.


    Closing notes:

    This map contains the following:

    The Map

    Unique Spacey Textures

    The VMF File (so you can edit it yourself!)

    I strongly recomend this build over the
    previous release to those interested in
    making their own Facing-worlds themed map.

    You can strip away the theme here and enter
    your own if you please.

    This map is, as always, entirley yours,
    the public's, to take and do whatever
    you want with it.

    Big props to Valve and Epic games.
    But more to Valve.

    ~ Ian B.
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    tum tum tummmm

    I do like your discription of the map though!

    so, is this a beta? i mean you're planning to update this right?
    And this is really just me but i dont like space maps :p in ANY game:D
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    looking forward to this map in its later stages, facing worlds is one of my favs.
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