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Discussion in 'Maps' started by shinokorosha, Dec 21, 2007.

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    CHRISTMAS UPDATE (Version 45):

    1: Now when you fall off the meteor it kills you even if you're a heavy or a soldier. (Whoops 100 damage isnt max in TF2 I forgot).

    2: Less stars in the sky = Less lag. Most weren't rendering anyway so it's not that big of a loss.

    3: Bloom's been repaired a bit.

    4: This is the big one: ADDED A ROUND TIMER! <--------------

    5: Added music that plays with 1 minute remaining before sudden death.

    6: Round Timer is set to 25 mins. Now you shouldn't hesitate hosting it!

    (Ver. 41 news)


    This is the server-host/personal gameplay only release of the map.
    The previous version is still the best choice for map makers interested as it includes the VMF and isn't crowded with custom textures or stars.


    Changes from the previous version (v.35):

    Ratpacker compiled the textures so now they are embedded into the map (bsp) file itself.

    A 3D skybox has been embedded that draws from a "blank" skybox and reflection map. Planets and stars were added respectivley.

    The map also contains custom textures here and there. More may come about in future releases along with custom models, pehraps? All embedded into the map file, itself, of course.

    The Doors have been fixed so spawncamping is now nearly impossible. Only the red team can open the red team's spawn door and only the blue team can open the blue team's spawn door.

    It is important to point out that snipers can only defend inside the towers. To go offensive they must now head out into the midpoint of the map. Both strategies work great.

    This map does not include a VMF! If you want the VMF please see the previous release.


    Changes that remain to be done (If they ever will get done):

    1: Terrain on the underside of the roads needs to be completed

    2: This terrain needs to be lit up somehow.

    3: The meteors needs to be redone so they're prettier and don't require any "middle" prims to link two halves together. "Whole" meteors have got to be possible to make using meshes.

    4: Though the lighting is great, It could always use more for bloom's sake.

    5: Possibly more custom textures could benefit this map.

    6: Most of the stars which are supposed to be appearing below the map aren't showing up. That's just odd. In the skybox they're supposed to be there, I assure you. Maybe they need more light down there.

    7: It might be good to come up with a means to teleport the flag back into the base if it falls off the side of the map. This way players wont have to wait 60 seconds to get it back.

    8: Many will argue that the skybox could use some high-def revamping.
    WHAT ABOUT TF2 IS HIGH DEF, I ask you? It's meant to look cartooney! Thus the skybox is cartooney too. But yeah if you want to go ahead and try and recreate Face 2k4 go right ahead.

    9: Some will argue the towers look dull and pyramid like. I suppose their outer structure could be redone somewhat but this would also require an overhall of the internal structure.

    10: It might be good to give soldiers some spots only they could rocket jump to.

    11: The battlefeild part of the map might need more details added.
    Programs & Design Process:

    Made one room, built a tower around it, then added terrain and lights, copied the whole thing over and rotated it 180 degrees so it was symetrical. Then used ratpacker to embed the textures.

    Build time: 4 days, Compile time: 45 minutes.
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