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    Version: Final
    By Darkea

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    I tried to go for a mix of 2Fort and Hydro, think I pulled that off rather well. It plays best with 12 players but anywhere from 6-24 works too. After play testing I've found theres a lot of good engy spots, but are very nicely countered by Demoman. I've found some people couldn't get across to the other base with one cloaking, put in some nice spots under the bridge for spys to recharge cloak, hard for other people to see you at them.

    There is now a 24/7 server playing my map the ip is:

    Change Log:

    Added Health and ammo packs to the middle area and the sewers of both bases


    Fixed Cclient error, and a leak


    Fixed lighting from V3 and added billboards


    -Big thanks out to Hoidini and B3ck for hosting my map for playtesting and helping me find errors!
    -Thanks to =(eG)= Gordon Freeman and =(e)= Sir Leeroy for helping me playtest my map.
    -Thanks =(e)= Delrio for helping me figure out Cubemaps and other stuff about the editor.
    -More thanks to Houdini for helping me with the editor.
    -S u b l i m e!! For keeping me sane while working on map!