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    Hey everyone,

    RC4 has been in the works for the past month, with many playtests and hours spent with multiple communities. According to them, the map has improved quite a bit over that month, so it's time for me to see what you all think :)

    You can download the file as either a zip or a rar archive, off the following links:



    Many changes have taken place, so without going into too much detail, here is the non comprehensive list from the readme file:


    GAME: Team Fortress 2
    FILE TYPE: Custom Map
    RECOMMENDED FOR 20-32 players
    DATE: 2-10-07
    AUTHOR: Francois "Furyo" Roughol
    E-MAIL: francois[at]

    INSTALL TO: <path>

    \SteamApps\username\team fortress 2\tf\maps


    Too many changes to list them all in details, but the most important:

    - Reworked 2nd CP areas to provide much better gameplay.
    - Reworked middle CP to fix gameplay issues/balance.
    - Fixed all known bugs, noticeably the infamous spawn doors
    - Improved optimization.
    - Implemented setup time to create a fast encounter around the middle at the start of each round
    - Multiple grease monkey passes throughout the map


    In dire need of space for more movie studios, Furyo Studios and Pedroleum Studios
    fight it off to entertain the world of TF2.

    The map's gameplay takes both Granary and Well for a spin, and mixes both maps using similar CP setups.
    5 Capture Points total, with two sets of advanced spawn points and a symmetrical layout.

    The map takes place on the movie sets of cartoon remakes of Lord of the Rings, Terminator 2 and Back to the Future.

    Feel free to drop me a line as all constructive comments and feedback are welcome. The map will have a final release
    at some point in the future, once all feedback has been taken into account.


    Map by Francois "Furyo" Roughol
    Custom assets by Francois "Furyo" Roughol and Pedroleum

    Thanks to all the playtesters throughout the beta versions. This map surely has evolved and it's thanks to you.

    Special thanks to our friends at Valve for the playtesting and feedback, helpful as usual :)

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    Sweet the only problem of this map is that it is not on enough servers :(
    back to the future car ftw and the termintor to :)
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    You're not getting enough positive feedback for this map. It's probably the best custom map out there, and one of the only maps that plays well with 32 people. I wish it were on more servers.
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    People won't play a map that large, and server owners won't put it in their rotation as it empties servers. Vicious circle that no one ever breaks. With that said I don't care if it doesn't get played, I get my pleasure knowing I made it.
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    It's on my servers 32 slot, and it's pretty fun!
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    we run it once in a while,we make sure server is full when we run it since it does need a full server to play it(24).only 1 or 2 people will drop from game when map switches but those slots get full quick,so yes,people will download it.