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    Hey everyone,

    Sorry again for the buggy RC1 release, I've worked out the issues and then some, and the map has just finished being tested on a 32 server (Thanks Q Clan)

    The map features CP gameplay set in a movie studios environment, where the world of TF2 shoots cartoon remakes of our popular movies, such as Lord of the Rings, Terminator 2 and Back to the Future.

    You can download it as either a zip or a rar file, at the following links:

    zip (26 Mb) :
    rar (21 Mb) :

    Mirrors welcome

    Screenshots (large, High res, from RC1) :

    Here is the readme file for more info:


    GAME: Team Fortress 2
    FILE TYPE: Custom Map
    RECOMMENDED FOR 20-32 players
    DATE: 1-8-07
    AUTHOR: Francois "Furyo" Roughol

    INSTALL TO: <path>

    \SteamApps\username\team fortress 2\tf\maps


    - Fixed "ED_Alloc: no free edicts" system crash, that caused servers to crash when running the map with many players.
    - Fixed potential bug in the BTTF spawn areas, making you possibly stuck inside the spawn
    - Improved optimization all over the map.
    - Reduced file size by 5 Mb (~ 10%)
    - Changed the order of spawn points so players start the match after their 2nd CP, for fast paced action
    towards the middle area. Once the middle CP is first captured, spawn order is restored. This should favor offensive players
    and encourage the opposing team to break the captures.

    - Spawn areas
    - Removed the first 2 supply lockers.

    - 1st CP areas
    - Added additional playerclip brushes to prevent exploits being used.
    - Improved the railings geometry and texturing

    - 2nd CP areas
    - Added clear markings on the ground for capture areas
    - Added buildings protection on top of the middle shed at 2nd red CP, to mimic the blue side behavior.

    - Middle area
    - Reworked the tree roots collision to prevent players getting stuck in them.
    - Modified side buildings windows to allow better access in/out


    In dire need of space for more movie studios, Furyo Studios and Pedroleum Studios
    fight it off to entertain the world of TF2.

    The map's gameplay takes both Granary and Well for a spin, and mixes both maps using similar CP setups.
    5 Capture Points total, with two sets of advanced spawn points and a close to symmetrical layout.

    The map takes place on the movie sets of cartoon remakes of Lord of the Rings, Terminator 2 and Back to the Future.

    This is the first TF2 map I have made, but my commitment to the Source community can be seen in other Source games
    such as DoDS (Camp Packs) and Ubisoft's upcoming Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Elements on the X360.

    Feel free to drop me a line as all constructive comments and feedback are welcome. The map will have a final release
    in a couple months once all feedback has been taken into account.


    Map by Francois "Furyo" Roughol
    Custom assets by Francois "Furyo" Roughol and Pedroleum

    Thanks to all the playtesters throughout the beta versions. This map surely has evolved and it's thanks to you.

    Special thanks to our friends at Valve for the playtesting and feedback, helpful as usual

    Happy New Year Everyone !