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    Version 2 released!

    Saturday Morning Breakfast Castle (smbcastle)

    About to catapult....



    Major changes/bug fixes:
    * Swap control point I & II
    * Watch out after you capture I (you've been warned)
    * Control point III has shorter capture time
    - Not too short, as there are some definite tactical
    advantages offense has if it can reach the back
    of the 3rd point
    * 2nd route to moat from offense
    * Bug fix: Teams now swap after each round
    * Blue/Red swapped so they match TF style
    * Help out offensive snipers / limit defensive snipers
    * More ammo/hp lying around
    - Specifically laid some around to encourage the engies

    Minor changes/bug fixes:
    * Prettified brushes and lighting
    * Made stairs smoother
    * A little more in 3d skybox
    * Hopefully made catapults less glitchy
    * Redid the spawn rooms
    * Fix places where it's tough to get out of the water
    * Fixed defense spawn camping

    QUICK NOTE TO ADMINS: Please don't reduce gravity.. it really screws with the mechanics of the level.

    Single round dustbowl style CP with 3 CP's set in a castle movie set in 1940's hollywood. At the beginning, the offense has 2 paths into the castle. The first is some unrestored damage to the castle on the left side (if you're facing the castle). The second way in by way of catapult. 2 are positioned to launch the players deep into the castle (some classes can get to the top of the turrets).

    The first CP is on the top floor of the left turret (the taller turret).

    The second CP is just to the right of the drawbridge (the drawbridge control
    room). Capturing this CP will cause the drawbridge to come crashing down.

    The third CP is deep in the mountain the castle is built into.

    And for your 60 seconds of setup wait time entertainment, there are a few posters around the movie lot for you to peruse.

    Version: 2
    Created By: Marty Weiner (
    Player Name: [smbc] MartBot
    Steam ID: friedpacman
    Thanks to: Zach ( - author of
    for textures and playtesting and suggestions
    v0xmortem, {TD}*sin*{RS}[Royal], majesty
    for playtesting and suggestions
    Mr Wizard, [seb] Bunny
    for loads of suggestions

    Compiled on: 1/3/2007
    Compile Time: 20 minutes
    HDR: Yes
    Compile PC: Intel Core 2 Duo 6600, 1GB RAM

    To run this map on your server, simply copy cp_smbcastle to your server's map folder and run cp_smbcastle.

    * Study balance in game
    - Tweak spawn times, control point times, bonus times, hp/ammo placement
    * Maybe make the first 2 CP's open from the beginning and the 3rd dependent on both?

    Potential changes:
    * Make catapults rotateable by players
    * Water entrance?

    My mapping history:
    * 2 Rise of the Triads maps
    * 1 Doom 1 map
    * TONS of Doom 2 maps
    * 3 Duke3D maps (one published)
    * 1 Quake TF map (war.bsp)
    (This is my first TF2 map)
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    hl2 skybox and no 3D skybox :(
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    Awesome map. You stole my catapult idea though!!

    Seriously the most original map I have played to date. Bravo.