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    Capture all the 5 control points to win the round.
    15 minutes round timer and 3 minutes added for the 3rd and 4th flags.
    Control Points can't be captured still the previous one is not owned by the team.
    So, start by following the arrows...

    As an orange map, orange cross2 is not supposed to be realist or to bring an amazing design.
    Consider this map and a training map, with an original gameplay.
    Also, I didn't turned HDR on cause it doesn't match with the "orange spirit".

    Version 2 upgrades:
    - Better brush work, better lightning, more buildings for a better design and gameplay;
    - Whole map is a little bit smaller for a faster action;
    - More objects in the way, to reduce snipers efficiency and to add hidding spots;
    - Captures points displayed as a cross in the HUD;
    - Timer added (15 minutes + 3 minutes for captures);
    - Last captures points moved cause they were too easy to defend;
    - Capture times reduced;
    - Spawn exits layout revisited for a better gameplay;
    - Soundscape added.

    Map designed by Varadero (jan08)
    Palm tree by Mohax
    Thanks to, and members.