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    CP_GRAND_CANYON Version 1.0
    Custom map for Team Fortress 2
    Made by Tycho terryn aka Yo_Neo

    .:: Description ::.

    This is a map that combines both indoor and outdoor areas.
    The central control point is located on a bridge which spans over a deep canyon.
    Underneath the brigde is a maintance tunnel which can be used as an alternative route.

    .:: Features ::.

    - 5 Control Points
    - 3 forward spawn points fror each team
    - 10 minute timer
    - HDR lighting

    .:: Updates FINAL version 1.0 ::.

    - Fixed doors of last forward spawn (maintance tunnel)
    - Enlarged and vizualised capture areas
    - Some minor tweaks

    .:: Updates BETA 5 ::.

    - Added detail
    - Rebuild some areas
    - Removed creator text

    .:: Updates BETA 4 ::.

    - Fixed Timer (6 mins per round, 1.5 minutes added for every CP capture)
    - Adjusted Spawn times, players spawn alot faster now
    - Fixed strange behaviour of doors
    - Map now goes into sudden death mode when time is up
    - Added more cover for the central CP
    - Easier access to second CP
    - HDR lightning
    - Added some buildings

    .:: Updates BETA 3 ::.

    - Changed map name from cp_canyon to cp_grand_canyon to avoid confusion with ctf_canyon
    - Added timer to the map
    - Map now has 5 control points
    - Each team now has 3 dynamic spawn areas
    - Prevented engineers from building inside the spawn areas
    - Opposings teams can't open eachothers spawnroom gates
    - Added some ambient sound
    - More shelter from snipers
    - Changed warning sounds for control points

    .:: Notes ::.

    A smaller version of this map (with only 3 capture points) is also available under the name CP_MINI_CANYON.
    This version might be better suited for smaller servers (8vs8 or 12 vs 12).

    .:: Install Instructions ::.

    Exctract all files into your ...\Steam\steamapps\accountname\team fortress 2\tf\maps folder. Then create a server and select the map.
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    WOW! That is a NICE looking map!Bravo!
  3. DJive

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    Very nice indeed! Heh, Kinda bummed i didn't get to see this from beta through release though.

    Huge welcome to the forums though, ill run around this tonight =)
  4. Haas

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    I layed this map some times its very cool to bad no forward spawns but with a good engi you can get very far :)
  5. phatal

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    Did this used to be a ctf? Seems I've seen/played this before some time ago.
  6. Termaximus

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    Nice Detail

    Very nice looking map. I can't comment on playability just yet as I only got to play it about 1 min before map change. Bravo though.
  7. PMAvers

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    You might've played a earlier version, since there's *two* forward spawns in the latest one I've played. (The one near the second CP, and the under-the-bridge maintenance tunnel one.)

    And yeah, the early version of it was CTF.
  8. Haas

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    o cool this makes the map much better!
    I judt played it and it was very cool only some minor details 1 you can build in the spawns and 2 de second spawn doors are not on toggle.
    But the map got a 12/13 votes for good map.
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