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    This is a symmetrical 4 control point non-linear map. It takes place in a remote fortress in a desert right in between the middle of nowhere. It has a unique placement of 2 central control points accessible at any time through out the match, both of which are required to be captured before the final opposing team's control points can be captured. This map also favors all classes and styles of gameplay.

    The arena like map design and layout is simple, and elegant to work very well for intensive competitive gameplay with as little as 6 players, and can erupt into ongoing chaotic battle at almost any point on the map on a full server of up to 24 ? 32 players.

    Unlike most traditional control point maps, which require teams always be focused on one specific area of the map at a time trying to push the other time back and move forward, this map requires the team to focus on all points of the map at all times, this creates allot of chaos and havoc to sweep across the entire map at any given time as it?s design encourages teams to circulate the map from start to end. Even with both central control points captured, either one of the 2 central control points can be reclaimed by the opposing team to block the other team from winning and rush to their base if it is unprotected for a winning capture. The outcome of the winner is always unpredictable until the last second of the final capture as the apposing teams can reclaim control of both points in a matter of seconds and completely turn around the match.

    This map is recommended for anyone who enjoys chaotic matches, deathmatch-like gameplay, and favors specializations in any class or play style. Unique spots are specifically placed throughout the map to give class based rock-paper-scissor like advantages over other players based on class for both defensive and offensive tactics. Overall, the team who either executes the best coordinated strategy, or just simply does the most killing and reeking of havoc to the other team will successfully win the matches.

    Release notes:
    This is the first release version. Changes in newer versions may follow.

    If anyone finds any issues, exploits, map glitches, or have any design suggestions, please email me at I welcome any feedback on the map.

    Designed and created by: Jahrain
    Tested by:
    Mr. Popo
    The Wall
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    Here are some screenshots:
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    All the really tempting maps get released when im at work! argh. Cant wait to try this later though, Looks very well done.
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    Going over really well on our 2 servers. Very nice work.

    Would be cool if the players could get up on top of the towers in front of spawn. Would be a nice place to defend and place sentries.