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Discussion in 'Maps' started by Tatws, Jan 16, 2008.

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    Alrighty! After some helpful comments from various players on the map, I now have a working 3rd beta for you all to take a peek at! I do still have a problem in that the spawn point roofs and the doors in the middle spawn points seem to shine horrendously at certain angles, and I can't figure out why, if anyone can help, that'd be great! Otherwise though, I think this is pretty darn close to how the final version will be, so please do test and comment!

    Changes in b3
    - Added central spawn point that leads to 4th control point once captured
    - Spawn bridges moved back slightly
    - Barriers added to inside-curve ramps on bridges for a bit of extra cover
    - 3D skybox completely redesigned
    - Inconsistant lighting corrected
    - Ill-placed/sized textures fixed
    - Capturing points no longer effects spawn time