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    This map introduces a variation on the staggered cp maps, gravelpit or dustbowl.

    When the round starts, the first team to take the center cp gains an advantage.
    A good rush shoudl work, but be warned that it wont take long for the enemy to arrive either.
    Capping the center makes all players respawn, and teams now assume the role of attacker and defender. The team that capped are attacking and need to capture both the defenders CPs.
    However, if the defenders and push hard enough to take back the center, the teams roles are reversed.

    Get the map from:

    Or play it on: TF2#22 cp_center_scramble & ctf_lucius
    Kindly hosted by

    Textures are dev for testing, i will be texturing it to fit with Tf2's style and look once its had some thourough testing.