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    Interiors are filled in and detailed. Doors fixed. Battlements Fixed. Elevators improved...


    Near final version. Please contact me if you have a server and are interested in hosting. Thanks Rootbeerz and Teamvipers for hosting beta 2.0.


    Beta 3 Changes
    -Interiors are filled in much much more. They don't feel empty anymore. A lot of detail work done.
    -Added custom textures for detail items.
    -Changed main doors into skyscrapers from func_door_rotating to standard func_door because of gameplay issues.
    -Fixed sniper battlement areas so snipers can't be way back in building while sniping into courtyard.
    -Added a lot of signs and arrows to help new players get around.
    -Elevators: added elevator music that plays during use, doors lock when in use so players don't go in elevator shaft and get crushed, added floor indicator lights to let players know when elevators available.
    -Basement: added some detail to basement. Still a work in progress.
    -Added spectator cameras.
    -Optimized. I think I have nodrawed every possible hidden face no mater how small. Set up areaportals, so the courtyard and each building is its own area. Finished hint brushing. Overall a 10-20+ fps gain from beta 2.
    -Added details to spawn rooms.
    -Improved 3d skybox.

    Beta 2 Changes
    -Vast improvement to interiors. Made them a lot tighter and more detailed. Much improved lighting.
    -Some changes to exterior of skyscrapers. A lot of changes to 3D skybox.
    -Moved final forward spawn rooms for each side significantly closer to final cap points.

    !!As this is a nearly final version looking for some servers to host this in rotation. Please message me if interested in doing so!!



    Title: cp_2Skyscraper_b3
    Version: Beta 3.0
    Filename: cp_2Skyscraper_b3.bsp
    Created By: Matt Stambaugh - aka Termaximus
    Author Email: message me on
    Type: CP
    Compile Date: 2/26/2008
    Development Cycle: Beta 1 -> Beta 2 -> Beta 3 - >



    Everyone at TF2MAPS.NET, JIVE TURKEY, Glasscasket, Vilepickle, Rootbeerz, Teamvipers, Neo_Bahamut, and everyone else who has playtested and/or given feedback on map.



    Program: Hammer
    Known Bugs: none
    HDR: Yes
    Compile PC: AMD X2, 2GB RAM