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    A new look on the popular sport maps... Billiards! Hit your team's colored balls into the pockets before the other team does.

    Billiards Beta 1

    This is the first public beta of Billiards, the new sports map for Team Fortress 2! It's a new twist on team ball-oriented game play. This is an actual game of billiards. Each team must shoot, hit, or blast their color's balls into the pockets before the other team does the same. Don't fall into the pockets! Also, be cautious of the 8-ball... it looks a bit menacing...

    I would like to thank a few people for without whom this map would never happen.

    Thanks to Hsnopi for helping me turn this into a generic CP map into an actual billiard game!
    Thanks to Bud Doug Lee for getting me in the right direction for the scoring mechanism!
    Thanks to Milky for helping me get started in mapping!
    Thanks to EVERYONE who has helped test, give suggestions, and critique the map from and elsewhere!