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    Hello there,

    My name is ||AG|| Nahanni and I’m a female gamer that built and now manages a gaming community by the name of Apocalypse Gaming or |AG|. My friend and other female co-founder ||AG|| Meo is a competitive female gamer who built and manages our website and she also assists me in running the community. Things have been pretty busy at |AG|, since our official launch on October 31st, as we have some additional teams, gaming events, and supportive programs I would like to share.

    Our main game is TF2 and we currently have three scrim servers from “Apoplexy Industries” that have 1000FPS and a public server with mixed maps running at a 500FPS. All servers are based in Chicago, except for one private scrim server which is based in Dallas. All of our scrim servers also have SourceTV capabilities and for special matches we can have a relay service which can hold up to 200+ spectators to cheer on our teams. We have a mumble to hang out to enjoy matches and to support scrims and other game play (please see below for connection info). In addition, we also provide a L4D2 server from Apoplexy Industries and of course we are open to other PC games (ie: Global agenda).

    We currently have two fully sponsored TF2 comp teams and a new mentored team. The first sponsored team was “Jammin with Jammar” who are now known as AG|, who are currently #2 in the ESEA open (as of Jan 27). We also have a sponsored mid team [AG] who are currently in the ESEA competition and are a good solid team and are currently ranked #30 in the ESEA open. Their captain [AG]iCreate is also one of |AG|’s top admins and our mentoring director. We have a new concept team that is linked to our mentoring program as well. The =AG= team is a low team that is being mentored and is still looking for a 6 core player roster. In addition, this team brings in students from |AG| mentoring program so they can use their new learned skills in a team setting.

    At |AG| we are always looking for cool gaming ideas to integrate to the community. There are three ideas that we are trying to support which include 6 vs 9 TF2 matches, giving time slots to a 100FPS scrim server to those teams in need and we are open to testing new custom maps as well.

    First the 6 vs 9 games will start on Feb 6th as we will be providing servers, mumble and space on our website/forums. For those of who are not totally aware that means “6 competitive players” vs “9 public stars”. In addition, this type of game is exactly what |AG| is looking for as our main goal is to bring more public players to the competitive TF2 world. All the information will be posted in our main |AG| steam group and on our forums on our website .

    Secondly, we want to be at the top in regards to supporting players and teams. |AG| is using its third and newest 1000FPS scrim server to support other teams who don’t have a sponsor or who need a high end server to play in. We will be posting a time slot calendar soon on our forums so teams and players can reserve a time slot.

    |AG| would also be interested in hosting any new TF2 custom maps for testing as we have three scrim servers and one public server that may be useful for such events. I am sure that our |AG| members ranging from competitive to simple public players would be interested in testing them out.

    Thanks in advanced for your support and I’m sure we will see some of you in game play and other TF2 community functions. Please feel free to come and visit us on the website or in our mumble port: 64841 (version 1.2). In addition, you can also contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns with anything in the above. Game on!

    ||AG|| Nahanni
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    Girl Gamers are a myth
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    I'm a male mapper named Jonah and I'm male.
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    id like to add that jonah is a male.

    and welcome.
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    Hello and welcome!
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    Your site looks a lot nicer than this one D:
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    Totally interested in comp map testing :)
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    100% agreed. Oh and welcome. :p
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    Hey, I know you guys :D. I know Apathy, Methusula, and to a lesser degree, You must be Jammin! (To the point where he's a cool guy and I want to reflect kill him some more)

    But yeah, cool!
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