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    Here's the changelog, I've bolded significant things. Things in brackets added by me.

    Several significant enhancements and bug fixes have been made to the Source SDK tools and source code. See below for additional details and please note that this update does not include support for Left4Dead content creation. Support for Left4Dead will be included in a future update. [Awwww]

    SDK Tools
    Fixed the issues with the following tools: height2ssbump, normal2ssbump, pfm2tga, splitskybox, vbspinfo, vmt_tweak, vmtcheck [easier creation of ssbumpmaps!]

    Fixed an issue in studiomdl pertaining to $shadowlod {

    The texture browser automatically ignores most textures that cannot be placed on brushes or displacements, as well as anything inside a .svn folder for those using svn as their choice of versioning software. [YES! no more model textures on brushes!]

    Added additional auto visgroups for sprites and cubemaps

    Seperated the VRAD calls into two sequential while using HDR (-ldr and -hdr) instead of -both

    Model browser is now created once per session

    Displacement brush dial now has greater range

    Added a stop button to sound previews

    SDK Launcher
    Added the ability to edit game configurations with vconfig

    Looks pretty sweet.
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    Sounds like they're ready to unleash the SDK for Left 4 Dead soon then!

    Lots of nice stuff in there. Really like the excluding of model textures.
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    "Added additional auto visgroups for sprites and cubemaps" Thank god nothing like looking at your map in hammer and having the sprites visable through all the walls lol.
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