New Achivements Announced!

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2 Talk' started by drp, Dec 6, 2007.

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    If you've been playing the hell out of the games in the Orange Box, by now you've probably unlocked many of the achievements to be had in Team Fortress 2. You could be itching for more of those sweet, sweet Achievement Points. And if you're playing the PC version, you're in luck!

    Posted to the Steam forums, a user going by "slugz" asked the Valve team if new achievements would be coming. Valve Project Manager Erik Johnson replied that new achievements are in the works, and should show up on Steam for PC users soon. He also alludes to an achievement pack for the Medic class in the next week or so, saying the team is planning several more for TF2. You know what that means, PC players: expect to see a much higher Medic-to-Everyone ratio than usual.

    And Xbox 360 owners? Well, you already hit your 1000 point cap, so there's no telling if (or how) these extra achievements could come your way. Insert disappointed groan here.
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    I saw this earlier. Somewhere you can find a few of the icons for the new medic pack. Right now my max healing in 1 life is pretty low, somewhere in the mid-3000's. Really looking forward to the next TF2 update :)