Neutral Cart?

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    I think it should be noted I'm a nooblet at Hammer, so the problem is probably something bleedingly obvious I'm missing.

    I'm trying to make a test payload map for a new game mode idea I had. For this, both teams need to be able to push the cart forward (Note: This is not tug-of-war style like Waste! The cart goes in the same direction no matter who is pushing it). Captures go to whichever team happens to be pushing it at the time of capture.

    I'm trying to do this by editing the badwater-style payload provided in ABS's awesome gametype library. Here's what I've done so far:

    Changed the "can cap" of the cart's trigger to be both red and blue.

    Changed the CPs to be initially owned by neither team rather than red.

    Yet, still, whenever I try to test it, Red can't push, only Blue can. Any tips?

    EDIT: Before anyone asks, I've looked through Icarus's prefab. Didn't find anything helpful.
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    there should be a trigger around the cart, it will be directed towards Blu, change it to neutral. that should work.