KotH Netherlands b1 fix3

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Pixel Brush

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May 5, 2018

Pixel Brush

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May 5, 2018
-Added some env_cubemaps
-Made some of "The Wall" into fences
-Switched two Ammopacks for Healthpacks

And maybe some other stuff I forgot about...

Mini-Map of the Map

Minimalistic Mini-Map of the Map

RED Side (with the new replaced fence)

The Point (showing off the new env_cubemaps)

BLU Spawn with the new fences

BLU Fence by one of the Sidebuildings

BLU Fence by one of the Sidebuildings

RED Spawn with the new textures

That's all have a nice day!

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Pixel Brush

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May 5, 2018
-Updated the name to a2 mid3 (because I forgot how I wanted to name them (i'll increase the Alpha Number after every test it gets))
-Temorarily removed most of the env_cubemaps
-Added WCTP-Indicators (Who capped the point Indicators)

WCTPIs when no one capped (RED Side)

WCTPIs when no one capped (BLU Side)

WCTPIs when BLU capped (RED Side)

WCTPIs when BLU capped (BLU Side)

WCTPIs when RED capped (RED Side)

WCTPIs when RED capped (BLU Side)

I thought i'd be a neat little thing that make my map stand out!

Happy Testing!

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Pixel Brush

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May 5, 2018
Welp. After a small hiatus of not wanting to upload the map (since it felt incomplete), I decided to just upload it and get it tested once again.

This is a semi revamp of the map adressing most of the issues people sent me. I went as far as starting a new map file and importing assets and buildings from the previous version to make it easier.

But here we are. Enjoy this new and improved version.


-Made some sightlines less bad by adding some more obstacles and walls
-Adjusted the distance to the point a bit
-Added a Plattform to the Full Ammopack House for higher ground
-Made the big Ammopack near the point a medium one and moved it up to the new Platform

-Excluded HDR (it takes longer to compile and is just a pain in the arse to deal with but it'll be re-added in a future version (probably closer to beta))
-Moved the Cover by the Point closer to the actual capping area
-Removed all the orange and replaced it with white dev textures
-Added a small texture that shows the point of the Point Indicator (This Texture will be redone in the future to fit TF2's Artstyle better)
-Added a slight incline to make the map a bit less flat (these will probably be replaced with displacements someday)

-Made the layout a bit less similar to Lakeside/Viaduct/Existing Koth maps

Have some images:

Top-Down View of a3 mid7

hl2 2018-08-02 12-46-27-67.png

The Point - BLU Side

hl2 2018-08-02 12-46-16-07.png

The Point - RED Side

hl2 2018-08-02 12-46-22-29.png

The Point, higher angle - BLU Side

hl2 2018-08-02 12-46-19-31.png

The Point, higher angle - RED Side

hl2 2018-08-02 12-46-25-11.png

The Point - Both Sides

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Pixel Brush

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May 5, 2018
Welp here we are.

After another test we are getting fewer and fewer problems. Which is good? I think.

What has been changed?

  • Re-added the hazard tape (i accidentally removed it sorry)
  • Fixed the issue that the spawn doors wouldn't open after the round ended
  • Roofed the health building by the point up and slightly raised the walls to accompany this change
  • Increased the width of some other building… I should probably name 'em…
  • Decreased the height of multiple things (including the point plattform)
  • Added some health into the stair building
  • Added some lights into the now roofed building
  • Added some fences on the now roofed building's balcony to stop Engies from placing hard to counter sentries

Have some images!


Mini-Map Version


RED Side - High Angle


BLU Side - High Angle


Both Sides - Top View


BLU Side - Low Angle


RED Side - Low Angle

That should be all for now.

Happy Testing!

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Pixel Brush

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May 5, 2018
This could be one of the, if not the last Alpha Update.

What has been changed?
Here ya go!
  • Replaced the small healthpacks with medium ones in the stairhouse and the middle house
  • Covered up the Training Player Model more to stop confusion
  • Fixed the sightline Sniper gets in the Stair Building if he crouches
  • Made the space behind spawn smaller
  • Made the Slope Leading to the Middle Building Balcony not flat at the bottom
  • Removed the "Who got it" thingy
  • Fixed another small but overpowered sightline that I found while playtesting on my own
  • Added some minor detailing
  • Started with Optimization
Mini-Map Version:

Happy Testing!

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Pixel Brush

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May 5, 2018
Since this is more a slight patch with some improvements, i'll just put this here:
  • Tinkered with some more optimization (NODRAW everywhere!)
  • Added some more lights in one of the Side Buidlings and the Stair Buildings
  • Added a small poster
  • Removed the shadows on the doors
  • Removed the Spots that were on the slopes of BLU Spawn
  • Made one of the Slopes into Stairs
  • Gave credit to the future 3D Modeler Kyle/Bluejay by adding a room into the BLU Tower to credit him
Things I couldn't do for this Version:
  • Add more backroutes for Spies
  • Close of the flank route of the middle building
Now get the images in here!

The Part where the small poster hangs


The Poster up close


A top shot of the Control Point


The RED Stair House

The BLU Stair House

Bluejay/Kyle's Room in all it's glory

(here is the poster in full quality)


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Pixel Brush

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May 5, 2018
Another update!
A more or less major one!

The changes include:
  • Changed a part of the wall in the stair Buildings
  • Switched the floor and wall textures (i.e. big dev textures and small ones)
  • Made the floor texture in most buildings the dark grey one
  • Added 2 small healthpack by the point
  • Moved the Healthpack and Ammopack in the middle building closer together
  • Replaced the medium Ammopacks outside the control point building with the balcony with small ones
  • Made the patch of the Medium Healthpack on the Balcony reappear
  • Added another Resupply Cabinet to spawn
  • Increased the size of the Control Point Plattform
  • Added another slope leading up the control point
Have more images!

Point - Both Sides


BLU Side - Lower

RED Side - Lower

RED Side - Higher

BLU Side - Higher

Happy Testing!
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Vhonny Barjo

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Aug 7, 2018
Nice feel of the map.
Some details I felt: the space around spawn is too large and unecessary. Maybe reducing it to focus on central point would be good. There are also some large spaces left at the south of the map around the lowest building. Either put ammo/med or something interesting in it (slopes, hidden or plain, little building..). The colored central building can be hidings for teleporter, it would be nice to have some spot with several floors in it.