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    HEY! What's better than an idea that you'll never possibly be able to do because you don't have the time and patience to design and follow through on a map based around it? Giving those ideas to a community of people who could!

    You know that scene in the movie where the main character gets in a shootout in the chapel? You don't? What do you mean you don't watch those kinds of movies!? Well watch it, you bitch! No, fuck you! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!

    Well, anyways, wouldn't it be great to commit blasphemy in TF2? Good churches have tall steeples and a lot of height differences. I'm sure you can always work in a scaffold or two for good measure if you need even more.


    Deep Forests/Jungles
    Hey kids! Do you like trees? What about treehouses and cute little bunnies? Oh and giant wooden logs that go through hills and stuff! Maybe some watermills and other cool things. Basically it's like some enchanted forest with secret bases and laser guns in it.

    I say enchanted because regular forests are boring.


    That's all I got right now
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    Spike's already done a jungle pack. He never released the textures though, but he did with all the models. Its really quite nice too.
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    Nice ideas,

    but I want that anybody create this
    (It's a car in a church,and that is not a photo manipulation :)
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    Im sure many know it as it wasnt that long ago that it happened. Poor drivers...

    Many times real life locations work quite poor ingame since those are very open. Thats why many types of maps arent realy possible to be made or they have to be thought out well. A church is fine but it would still only be a very limited part of the map (probably a final CP).

    The biggest problem with churches are the details needed in it. The chairs are easily done by a prop but the issue is clipping those. You cant have perfect collisions or people will just hate that part because they get stuck all the time. An empty church however isnt good as it wouldnt look like a church then.

    Its waiting until someone manages to get a good playable one that looks quite realistic in object placement.
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    That's why we have cathedrals!
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    I could see it now, an infiltration of a church, where you can either go in a large front door or 2 side doors, and there is a cave of secret tunnels leading to.....
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    One thing I've been batting around that's within the realm of possibility is retail. Supposedly RED and BLU are massive secret corporations that control the world, but there's no department stores out there with their names on 'em.

    Here's some ideas:

    • Glass cases - jewelry, perfumes, watches, guns, whatever- set 'em up and then fill them; likely could use angled, straight, and round sections
    • Clothing racks - round, cross-shaped, and I-shaped versions, with varying amounts of clothing
    • Escalators - mostly just a matter of textures though a dynamic prop would be amusing
    • Wall racks - particularly freestanding wall sections with merchandise on rows of hooks
    • Soundscapes - The light, jazzy blues sort that goes on forever in elevators
    • Doors - Elevator doors, glass doors, revolving doors...
    • Merchandise - power tools, things in bottles, things in spray bottles, things in boxes, action figures of our nine classes, and so on- anything you can think of
    • Groceries - Same thing here, only fruits, vegetables, meat, and various salty (or frozen) snack foods
    • Cash Register - with several skins
    • Signs - Half off, Sale!, Clearance!, Only ___ Shopping Days Til Christmas, and so on