Need your Maps tested ?

Discussion in 'WIP (Work in Progress)' started by E5Ky, Jan 1, 2009.

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    To the Map designers out there that need assistance getting their maps tested.

    We have set up a test server for the sole purpose of testing maps

    I have a group of fellow clan members that dedicate numerous hours each week testing custom maps for our Main server.

    These days our main server is 24 slot but don't mind trialing 32 player maps also

    Just looking to give back to the guys who give to us..

    PM me as needed.

    Keep up the good work !
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    Just a little FYI, this should have been posted in the Mapping Discussion thread more or less than this one. This is for Map Work in Progress threads only. But useful information none-the-less.
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    Thanks a lot, I'll be sure to contact you when my map is ready for a test.

    What's the most important to me when my map is tested is feedback, but I can't necessarily be there at every test. How do you provide feedback? Do you record demos, or is there a place where the playtesters will post their opinions?
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  5. E5Ky

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    What we do is let the map run on our test server for 2 -3 weeks.

    We organise a few test nights where we have a full 24 slot server

    The rest of the time our members can come and try them as they please

    At the end of the two weeks people post comments on the maps they've trialed.

    We have a few hundred members within our TF2 division.

    As we find map flaws we make note and tell the map author.

    The maps that get a good rating go on our main server.We have recording options set up on that server. The maps go on a trial basis if they are liked they make there way to regular rotation.

    Youme We are Putting Halfacre on with the next batch of maps we are testing this saturday 10th of Jan will PM you info later.
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    wow, great service :D


    thx to you and your fellow clan members