Need to set up CS1.6 in hammer

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    Ok, before you all yell and scream at me ... I know this is TF2.

    I used to and still do a lot of CS 1.6 mapping but haven't for about a year now.

    I'm looking at fincihing off a couple of cs maps for the end of this month's LAN party that I'm going to.

    Well between last year and now I had a hard drive crash - saved 90% of my data :laugh: but lost all of the configurations for CS.

    Is there some way that I can configure SDK to map for CS 1.6?

    Can someone help he out with the settings? I've looked on the net but can't seem to get it back up and running.

    Thanks in advance.:thumbup1:
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    in the initial Source SDK window that pops up, where it says "The Orange Box" change that to "Half life 2: Episode One", and the game to counter strike source :)
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