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Need Suggetions for my TF2 Server

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by GameOverGR, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. GameOverGR

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    Hello everyone,

    I am going to open a Tf2 server really soon with 24 slots and i need some suggestions about : maps, custom hats, ranking system and any other useful script.
    I am searching the script which gives V.I.P slot to the people who donated , it would be nice if you could help me.

    Thanks for your suggestions
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  2. McNuggetFiend

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    Forget all that work and just play at the Lunchbox instead ;)
  3. brick

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  4. Timberjaw

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    Cater your server experience to the type of people you hope will be playing on it. Some people don't like having to load a lot of custom content. Some people are ok with custom maps in moderation but don't like having to download custom hats/sounds/etc.

    SourceMod is your friend. Get some good admin capabilities set up. SM has excellent built-in admin management, kick/ban, map voting, etc, but there are a variety of plugins available to extend those capabilities. My server runs SprayTracer (for tracking down people with offensive sprays) and gScramble (for balancing teams more effectively than the built-in scramble). We also run a few 'fun' mods like Roll The Dice and Presents, but only enable them when people are in a party mood.

    Delegate mod/admin authority to enough trusted people that your server has a mod presence at busy times.

    We don't do reserved slots because we find the concept annoying, but YMMV, especially if you need something to give to donators.
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