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    Hello everyone!
    I'm making a idle map and It's not a normal Achievements_Idle, It's a idle map that you can choose between idle or fight!
    But! I need some help making a control point that dosn't
    - Change teams
    - Start a new round (instead I will use a trigger_hurt to clean the map lol)
    And Team Red will defend and Blue Attack
    And the CP will reset back to Red if Blu capture the point
    - I will use trigger_hurt to clean the map
    And add a 1 min countdown to make the Red team "win"
    - again, trigger_hurt
    And That's all :p
    PS: Sorry for bad english
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    The easiest way to do this I think would be to have the rounds reset as normal. I don't know why a trigger_hurt would be a better way than that.

    In terms of Blu winning, just set the control point (or control point master, I forget which) to disallow Red from winning by capturing points. If Blu captures the point, they will win. For Red to win you need to put in a team_round_timer which fires an output to a game_round_win when the time is up. The game_round_win should be set up to win the game for Red, obviously. :)
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    Thanks for the reply,
    The trigger_hurt is just to kill the clients. And I want that when Blu "win" don't start another round but It will give a 20 sec delay and after that delay the control point will resset back to Red and the trigger_hurt wil kill all the player to "start" a new "round" and make a logic_timer start counting the time that the control Point is belong to the Red team but the timer will only start counting the time when there is more than 1 Red and 1 Blue. And when the blu team capture the point the timer will reset and deactivated until there is 1 Blue and 1 Red in that area.
    and if the timer reaches 60 sec the trigger_hurt will kill everyone and will appear a message to all player that Red team defended the point or if Blu capture the point the message will say that Blu team capture the control point.
    If there's a way to make all that I said here, Please let me know how to do that!
    btw the idling room is a tigger_multiple that activate a idling script that make the players go their way to the idling room, So there's a way to add the script to the map? and make a text to show to the players the idling room and the control point game area?