need help with trying to come up with interesting geometry

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    so while working on mvm snowcat a4 i decided the map needs more height variation, the entire map already is kinda flat so i started with the area that would probably needs some changes the most, here is the area i want to change in the screenshot


    as you can see the entire area is flat and i want some height variation, althought i don't really know where and how, multiple people said that i should remake the entire area and add some interesting stuff, i tried raising the entire area up including the bridge but that didn't really work well

    Heres the map link so you can see the entire area for yourself ingame:
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    Why don't you look up on various bridge styles? Idk your overall theme but a curved bridge either curving upwards (like steel brides) or downwards (rope bridge) could give height variation. If you like the wood theme then maybe adding some steps leading a slightly raised bridge could also give some minor height variation but then the overall surroundings need to be adjusted.

    In terms of the ground, you could raise the buildings or lower the ground. Depending on what stage that area is, you can raise it to make it easier to defend or vice versa. In general, you might want to add some alternative routes instead of one funneled area? For instance something that has the players enter under the bridge or some of the robots split up w/ one group going over the bridge and the other going under it.

    The left side area could become ground inwhich you get rid of the rock and fence and let that become a ledge to work with? I noticed that both left and right side are blocked by props either by those fences or your train prop.

    You could maybe raise the train unto a almost monorail like build? and have that side become more accessible instead.

    Maybe that gives some sense of inspiration to work. Good luck!
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    I’ll see what i can do