Need help with my captrue points

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    Okay so i have been working on this map for like a week or two, and i finally finished by balance, and im working on setting up my capture points.

    in the past i never had trouble getting five points to work, but this time, for some reason any point that is not my mid point will not work.

    i have tried multiple things to get them to work, including deleting all of them and redoing all the points, but they still won't show up in game after compiling.

    For lack of description, my points will look like they are working in hammer, and once compiled and loaded the game, the points will not show up, and one the middle point is captured it will end the game.

    There's nothing in my compile log abou the capture points, so i'm not sure what's wrong.

    Can anyone help?
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    Just download Snark's Mapping Pack and paste the 5CP setup. That's waaaaaaaay easier than setting everything up yourself then figuring out what went wrong where.
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    Make sure their index values are all different, and preferably sequential.