Need help with custom gamemode entity (CTF/KotH semi-hybrid)

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    I need help writing a custom gamemode/entity for it that hybridizes Capture the Flag and King of the Hill,
    where a team picks up the intel from mid and the timer goes down as long as that team is holding the intel.
    Then the opposing team has to kill them, touch the intel to reset it to mid, and pick it back up from there, where their timer would also go down with the bag in their posession.

    it wouldnt be immediately picked up and instead reset to mid on touch from anyone of the team that killed the carrier, so as to prevent a team adopting a strong camping spot that they already cleared out, also allowing the opposing team to focus on attacking a more familiar, evenly matched spot.

    If anyone has any suggestions to change the formula as well I'd like to hear them, but what I need the most help with is setting up the logic and entities to make it work, so if anyone could add me on steam to give me a hand I'd appreciate it.

    The gamemode would be dubbed "BagTag" as a reference to the bagtag mode in the Timesplitters franchise.
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    Well, the timer is easy, just create normal KOTH logic and trigger the timers so that for the item_teamflag has "OnPickupTeamX", start the timer for team X and "OnDrop" stop the timer. As for the resetting mechanic I would use a relay which is enabled based on the "OnDrop" output of the item_teamflag and the output of the item_teamflag's "OnPickup" to trigger the relay which when triggered sends an input of ForceReset to the item_teamflag to return it to its original position. The relay would also then need to disable its self after preforming all of these actions, most likely id just have it target its self using !self and a small delay to make sure it went through, aprox 0.1 or so. (If you want more specifics or some clarification on that send me a pm and we can talk bout it on steam)