Need Help With a 3d Ocean Skybox and Custom Sounds

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Mar 4, 2018
First off, I need help with my 3d ocean skybox. As you can see in the attached screenshot, the divide between the playable world and 3d skybox is obvious. Everything is scaled properly, and it looks fine above water. Just when you're submerged, the 3d skybox is much brighter than the playable world. Any help to fix this, or even hide it would be appreciated.

Next, I've been having trouble implementing custom sounds into my level. The sound is attached to the "move sound" key value in a func_tanktrain. I tested it with a default tf2 sound, so I know it's not an issue with how I set it up. However, the custom sound I set up to work does not play and the console shows the error: "Failed to load sound, file probably missing from disk/repository." The custom sound is in a folder within tf/sounds. The sound also previews just fine within the editor, and I used VIDE to pack it. This problem is not as important as the above issue, but any help would be awesome.


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