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    I'm new to mapping and I was thinking about some ideas for a koth map.
    I was thinking of having 2 sawblades
    suspended in the air by wooden bars
    1 sawblade on each side of the CP
    So the idea is that these saw blades will come down to the CP after each capture and stay there for about 4 seconds and then again go back up.
    This would leave very little place for the team in possession of the point to remain on the point. So it would make it easier to cap for the other team as when the blades go back up the point will have few people on it.
    Will this idea work as intended? Is it a good idea? Is it possible to implement this?
    Also any thoughts would be appreciated.
    Thank you
  2. Hyperion

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    I have have similar idea, not with saw blades but something that makes players leave the capture point area.

    Generally it might be good idea if it will not kill everyone instantaneously