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    So yeah I cant be using dev textures for all my life.

    The "Simple" (is not that simple since i dont even know how to do it)
    • Confetti overlay: Papers in multiple colors, in two shapes, square and circular. Maybe make three versions of each shape, where it just changes the amount of confetti there is or size of the papers.
    • Edit of paster walls: You know,
      Just to add more colors, edit of all versions (With beam in the middle, just the paster...) maybe with ssbump too if anyone wanna do that.
    • Posters: Still thinking of this. Maybe I can do draw a quick idea about it, and then give it to someone that can do it correctly.
    The "a little bit harder"
    • Floor circular tile texture: I dont even know how to call it, so better have some
      [​IMG] [​IMG] (I had to replay Super Mario Sunshine just to get to this point again and screenshot it)
    It would be nice to have some piƱatas, you know there is a party going on and stuff, maybe with gibs too so players can destroy them.