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    Hello, everyone, this is my 2nd post here :)

    I am doing a mod of the lazytown daytime map by Zeta. Its a payload version tug war style, and i used a prefab i found.

    It is working nicely except for one bug:
    the first player that gets to the cart, get double cap when moving the cart over the middle point! This only happens once, each round, so not the worst bug...

    I have checked all the entities etc and can't find out why this happens....

    I'm also not sure if i have moved the timer properly - we want the map to last "forever" and instead follow the server timelimit, but when we tested it the map stoppet after less than an hour, and the server admin claims it was triggered by the map, not the server.

    If anybody could take a look at the map and look for:
    a) double cap bug
    b) is timer really disabled?

    Download the .vmf file here:

    Thanks in advance for any help you might provide!

    - Echelon