Need a hand with 2 probs, Round Timer and CapLayout

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    Fist up, Onscreen CapLayout

    Ok, ive got 5 cps. indexed 0 1 2 3 4.

    Capping 2 in the center unlocks 0&1 if your blu, or 3&4 if red.

    ive got my team_control_point_master with default cap layout set to
    2,0 1 3 4
    results in

    0 1 3 4
    which is ok, then on the capture area i have outputs
    onCapTeam1 cp_master SetCapLayout 2,0 1
    onCapTeam2 cp_master SetCapLayout 2,3 4
    this should result in

     2  or  2 
    0 1    3 4
    but actually just sort of bunched them up overlapping.

    Secondly timers

    I have 3 timers round_time_main, 'round_time_red' and 'round_time_blue'

    At any point, players from a team can cap a point, this disables the main timer, and enables that theams timer.
    Each timer has a 'setup' time, which when expires opens gates.
    This works fine ONE TIME ONLY, that is, red caps and red timer setup counts down, blue caps and blue setup time counts down, red caps again, and the setup has not reset.
    the outputs that im using are

    cap team X, round_timer_teamY, restart
    cap team X, round_timer_teamY, disable
    cap team X, round_timer_teamX, enable

    and vice versa.
    It seems that the 'restart' input only sets the game time length back to full, and doesnt enable another setup period.

    Hope you can understand the problem :S
    There could be a solution in: Having team X's timer 'kill' team Y's timer, and then create a new one, but i dont think that one entity can create another, can it?
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    Ive haxxed up a quick demo vmf to show what ive done so its easier to point out where its wrong (hopefully)

    hit a quick compile, and join team red.
    setup time of 5 seonds, both barriers come down.
    red captures center point, both barriers go up.
    10 second setup timer, only the barrier towards the blue cps goes down.
    change to blue, cap the center. blue barrier goes back up.
    another 10 seconds, only the red side barreir drops.
    change to red, cap the cetner, red barrier goes up,
    timer does not reset :thumbdown:

    also youll see the CapLayout dissappear after the first cap.
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    Ok ive figured out the timer thing, used entity maker to make new timers everytime the cap is taken.
    havent yet figured the UI CapLayout problem tho.

    On a side note, for game_text_tf you can assign an icon "from mod_textures.res"
    What are the possibles for this icon?
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    Oh man, you're not gonna have me list it, are you? Geez.. that's a long list... Here's a sampling:
    • plus_sign
    • minus_sign
    • dollar_sign
    • health_icon
    • timer_icon
    • shield_kevlar_bright
    • shield_kevlar
    • shield_bright
    • shield
    • number_0
    • number_1
    • number_2
    • number_3
    • number_4
    • number_5
    • number_6
    • number_7
    • number_8
    • number_9
    • ammo_45
    • ammo_357
    • ammo_c4
    • ammo_57
    • ammo_sg
    • ammo_12g
    • ammo_50
    • ammo_9mm
    • ammo_762
    • ammo_556
    • ammo_338
    • item_healthkit
    • item_armor
    • item_grenadepack
    • item_ammopack
    • d_skull_tf
    • dneg_skull_tf
    • obj_attachment_sapper
    • d_obj_sentrygun
    • dneg_obj_sentrygun

    That's about 1/5th of the total icons... Maybe, after the holidays, I'll make a complete list with the pictures of the icons... maybe.

    Or maybe you can just open the TEAM FORTRESS 2 CONTENT.GCF and find the mod_textures.txt file.
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    Ah yea, thats what i was thinking, i had a quick look already (in the materials gcf tho)
    thx man
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    Does anyone know a way for a noob to look at these icons? Trying them out one at a time seems to be...disappointing most of the time
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    The post may be old, but I managed to figure it out so I think it's only right to share how I came across it.

    All you need is love.

    There appears to be two types of mod_resource.txt entries,
    Through hammer, you could go through the texture browser and put "hud" into the filter, with "tf" in the keywords and you can find a majority of the entries alone on their own texture.

    However, some of the entries share a single texture, but this isn't a problem.
    "New target."

    1. Use GCFscape to open team fortress 2 materials.gcf.
    2. Search for the file that you want to open.
      "Target locked."
    3. Open the texture with VTFedit.
      "Deploying missiles. It may appear a bit blurry."
    4. Export the image as a .png file, save it somewhere like your desktop.
      "If I save it anywhere else, I'll lose it."
    5. Open the exported image with a tool like mspaint.
    6. Use the select tool and hover the mouse over the x,y position listed in the file. (See below image to find out where you are.)
      [Note: The origin is the top left corner, so moving down makes your y larger, and moving to the right makes your x larger.]
      "Position noted with a single red pixel."
    7. Click, and drag until the bottom right statusbar numbers match the width and height in the mod_textures.txt file.
      "There's a sentry in there, somewhere."
    8. Whatever you have selected, is what corresponds to the data in mod_textures.txt.
      "Good job, you win at coordinate systems!"

    1. Open your "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\STEAMNAME\team fortress 2\tf\resource" folder.
    2. Copy these fonts to your "C:\WINDOWS\Fonts" folder.
    3. Open up mspaint and use the text tool, select the font you want to use.
      (They all start with "tf".)
    4. Type or paste the respective character in the textbox.
    5. Win at fonts.

    I'm a bit lazy, so if it turns out something pertaining to the coordinates is wrong, VALVe might be using a different origin (corner) than what mspaint uses, but it shouldn't be too much of a problem because looking at the name and the image should give you a good idea as to what it's sampling.
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    Quite the bump but good first post!