Model Need a bonfire model, preferably bit bigger than the scout.

Discussion in 'Request Area' started by Johnny1023, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. Johnny1023

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    I need a model for a bonfire with a tiny yellow slip of paper(small, but visible) and a bonus duck inside.
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  2. Nicky

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    Just take some log props, put a fire particle on them, and put a duck prop on the logs in the fire particle, and make a small brush with any yellow-ish texture and put it next to the bonus duck. There, you're done!
  3. LeSwordfish

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    Ew no, no no no. No. No. Ew.

    1) Fiddly brushwork in place of things that should be props always looks absolutely hideous.
    2) You don't learn anything from it, except how to make fiddly brushwork in place of things that should be props, and see 1).
    3) The filesize addition from a single custom prop is negligible. You might even have a higher filesize from the lightmaps needed for your hideous fiddly brushwork.
    4) It'll take longer and be worse.
    5) No. Ew. No no no.

    Doing things the most difficult way does not automatically teach you more or get the best result.
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  4. obodobear

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    I agree w/ swordfish I tried for a solid hour with brushwork to make a simple rock, but all I ended up with was a deformed mess... The whole thing is a bit clunky and hard to understand, but I'd just go with what NickTF said earlier, or if u can't get it the way you want it then u may have to pay someone if u want them to make it.
  5. iiboharz

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    Brushwork can always work as a placeholder, though! Keep that in mind.
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